PRISM is published by the Center for Complex Operations. PRISM is a security studies journal chartered to inform members of U.S. Federal Agencies, Allies, and other partners on complex and integrated national security operations; reconstruction and nationbuilding; relevant policy and strategy; lessons learned; and developments in training and education to transform America’s security and development apparatus to meet tomorrow’s challenges better while promoting freedom today.

Current Issue of PRISM

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PRISM volume 5, no. 2


Past Issues of PRISM

Volume 5

PRISM volume 5, no. 1

Volume 4

PRISM volume 4, Syria Supplemental
PRISM volume 4, no. 4
PRISM volume 4, no. 3
PRISM volume 4, no. 2
PRISM volume 4, no. 1

Volume 3

PRISM volume 3, no. 4
PRISM volume 3, no. 3
PRISM volume 3, no. 2
PRISM volume 3, no. 1

Volume 2

PRISM volume 2, no. 4
PRISM volume 2, no. 3
PRISM volume 2, no. 2
PRISM volume 2, no. 1

Volume 1

PRISM volume 1, no. 4
PRISM volume 1, no. 3
PRISM volume 1, no. 2
PRISM volume 1, no. 1

Manuscript Submissions Information

PRISM includes articles on a broad range of complex operations issues, especially those that focus on the nexus of civil-military integration. PRISM is published online and in hardcopy, four times per year. PRISM is also supported by an interactive Web site that allows readers to search past issues, submit manuscripts, provide subject matter feedback, and post letters to the editor. Current distribution of PRISM exceeds 20,000 subscriptions. PRISM welcomes submission of scholarly, independent research from security policymakers and shapers, security analysts, academic specialists, and civilians from the United States and abroad. PRISM evaluates submitted manuscripts against the following criteria: topical relevance, continuing education for national security professionals, scholarly standards of argumentation, and readability. PRISM solicits authors who aggressively seek out and identify problems that should be fixed irrespective of agency perspective, conventional wisdom, or published doctrine, and who recommend clear solutions or arm the reader with actionable knowledge. Articles submitted should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length. Book reviews should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words. Submissions are accepted via e-mail at with “Attention Submissions Editor” as the subject line.

Deadlines for submission

February 1 May 1 August 1 November 1 For more information about manuscript submissions, Prism Submission Guideline and Writing Tips. Click here to submit a paper.